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Dental health in pets is sadly often overlooked but is a very important part of your pet’s overall health.

Indeed dental problems can often CAUSE, or BE CAUSED BY, other health issues.

It is therefore highly recommended that your pet’s teeth and gums are routinely checked. When your pet is young, having them checked during their yearly vaccination is sufficient but as they age, it may need to be more often.

Early detection and treatment are critical in the case of Peridontal Disease, for example, the most common dental condition in dogs and cats.

Allowed to progress into more advanced stages, Peridontal Disease can cause severe problems, not just for your pet’s mouth but can also effect kidneys, liver and heart valve changes.

Dental Radiology
In pets, just as with people, up to 70% of important dental findings occur beneath the gumline. To see beyond just the crowns of teeth and get an overall impression of periodontal health, x-rays are a critically necessary tool.

This is where our specialised Dental X-ray machine is an invaluable tool. Images taken with this piece of technology is of far higher resolution (producing exceedingly detailed images) than can be achieved with a standard x-ray machine.

Dental x-rays can save teeth as we no longer need to rely on superficial examination to assess the status of the tooth. Veterinary dentistry is simply not complete and comprehensive without this invaluable diagnostic tool.
* for other uses of a digital dental x-ray equipment, see Diagnostic Imaging

Anaesthesia Free Dentistry

You might have heard about anaesthesia free dental cleanings from a local groomer, pet store, word of mouth or even some veterinary providers. The practice involves scaling (scraping with an instrument) of a dog or cat’s teeth without putting the pet under anaesthesia.

This is not something we would do nor would encourage.

To find out WHY, you can follow this link

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