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‘Less Pain, Faster Recovery’.
2F4P strives to embrace new technology and developments in veterinary medicine and surgery.

Endoscopy allows a visual examination of internal organs and body parts via small incisions (key-hole) or natural body openings to diagnose or treat disease.

A special video camera can be attached to the Endoscope allowing the images to be viewed on a television screen, as well as recording the exam on video.

The advantage of Endoscopy over other methods is that it is non-surgical. The technique allows for visualization of many body systems, for example, digestive tract, ears, bladders and for taking samples of the lining of these organs.

Many foreign bodies in the oesophagus and stomach may be removed via Endoscopy.

  • Keyhole surgery is generally a safer and less invasive method of surgery
  • It reduces the trauma caused to tissues
  • Post-op pain is lower
  • Recovery times are quicker
  • As the surgical wounds are much smaller the problems associated with wound licking and the chewing of stitches is significantly reduced.

Laparoscopic Spay

The procedure involves making two small skin incisions in the abdomen.

There is minimal to no bleeding, as the blood vessels are sealed with electrocautery and there is minimal handling of other tissues and less resultant trauma.

The benefits of this procedure over conventional Spays are:

  • Less trauma
  • Faster recovery times
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Small skin wounds with no sutures and

Less risk of wound breakdown complications and infections


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